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Сегодня: Ноя 27, 2022
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Цели и задачи Агентства
Цели и задачи Агентства - Goals and objectives of the Agency
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Цели и задачи Агентства
Goals and objectives of the Agency
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1. The main objectives of the Agency in accordance with its mission:

- promote the creativity and initiative taking, as well as commitment and responsibility of teams, individual workers, students of universities in achieving high outcomes in preparing specialists, obtaining and disseminating of institutional or specific program knowledge;

- conduct independent accreditation of universities of the Republic, which have passed the state accreditation, on the basis of criteria and indicators adapted from European standards of quality with attraction of independent experts;

-  provide verified information to government bodies, society, employers, society, citizens, and other interested parties on possibilities of obtaining higher quality education, competitiveness of universities’ specialists in labor market, which have successfully passed the independent social accreditation;

- assist universities, which have passed the independent social accreditation, in creating educational programs similar to European standards and  allowing or creating opportunities for international partnerships;

2. To achieve objectives mentioned in section 1., the agency should take the following actions:

- prepare the conception and development strategy of the agency;

- develop and disseminate among universities the manual on procedures, criteria, indictors of independent accreditation;

- organize and execute, in partnership with international partners, preparation of certified experts from experienced instructors on different fields, working on external system of quality assurance on the basis of criteria and indicators of EFQM;

- offer consulting services to universities and other interested parties on issues related to the management of the quality of the education and accreditation procedures;

- execute informational and promotional support for universalities, which have passed the social accreditation, in internal and external markets of educational services;

- publicly disseminate information (quantitative and qualitative) on higher educational institutions and educational programs, that have passed regional or international accreditation;

- organize and execute seminar-trainings at universities on “Role and the impact of regional/international accreditation on increasing the ratings of universities” and “Procedures, criteria and indicators of the regional/international accreditation”;

- upload information on goals and objectives of the agency, criteria and indicators of external system of quality assurance and accreditation on the CPTE’s website;

- execute pilot and programmed accreditation of 1-2 universities- members of the consortium in the framework of CANQA;

- develop methodical recommendations for universities on improving the quality management process.  


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