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Процедуры региональной/международной аккредитации
Процедуры региональной/международной аккредитации - In English
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27.05.2011 00:00
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Процедуры региональной/международной аккредитации
In English
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1. Conformity

This procedure is necessary in order to make sure that the university initially meets the criteria of suitability, is familiar with the accreditation criteria and indicators as adopted by the Agency in order to avoid future disappointments. However, the university should be aware that a preliminary confirmation of compliance does not guarantee it getting accreditation, but only confirmed by it’s willingness to start the accreditation process.

Before submitting, HEI should write to the agency expressing the desire to pass the accreditation process.

The letter should include a summary of the university in an arbitrary manner reflecting its core activities, awareness of the accreditation process and copies of certificates of proficiency in state accreditation.

Based on the information Coordinating Council Agency originally estimate the potential compliance of High school to required conditions, recommends it to apply for institutional or program accreditation, after which the Director of the Agency provides him with plans of a package of documents for a decision on the application process.


The package of documents includes:

  •  Manual of Procedures for the regional / international accreditation adopted by the Agency;
  •  The application form for accreditation;
  •  Guide to quality standards;
  •  Self-Assessment Guide;
  •  Guide to Sites of high school;
  •  List of satisfying the criteria and indicators.


2. Application

Having decided to pass accreditation, university submits a formal request to the Director of the Agency in the prescribed manner.

Application is a short questionnaire with basic information about the activities of the university in volume 7 - 10 pages. This document allows the applicants to determine whether the university should undergo the accreditation process and prior to compliance with quality standards adopted by the Agency.

 If there are questions regarding completing the application, higher educational institute can apply for assistance to the Agency.

After receiving a formal application Agency staff evaluated the information provided on the completeness and accuracy, if necessary, seek additional information.

Following the approval of the final completed application form by the Agency, requires the prior 1 - 2 - day visit to the university one of its experts to:

  •  make sure that the administration of the university clearly understands the accreditation criteria and procedures;
  • explain all questions about the required level of quality for the successful passage of the regional / international accreditation and getting;
  •  gather additional information about the university, which is difficult to obtain from the short information of university about summary of the directions of its activities;
  •  to provide consulting services to administration of the institution and the responsible institution for the realization of project on accreditation establishment of working groups on self-assessment and effective management of this process.

Acceptable conditions to start the accreditation process are:

  •  The institution must have a certificate and national accreditation;
  •  be a member of CPTE ;
  •  based on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  •  To provide educational programs of not less than 5 years;
  •  Educational programs, applied for accreditation pass must have at least 2 editions.

Based on the above conditions according to the university, the Coordinating Council of the Agency recommends it for filing a formal application to undergo institutional or regional / international accreditation. If the university would not be recognized as appropriate for entry into the accreditation process, it will revert to the Agency no earlier than one year after the decision.



3. Self-appraisal

Conduct self-assessment of the university to identify the extent of its compliance with criteria and indicators of quality, approved by the Agency with the aim of saving time and money for the passing  regional / international accreditation, the university determine its position in the market of educational services through the assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from external environment, an objective assessment of its resources, the effectiveness of processes and outcomes.

The duration of the self-evaluation of 5 - 6 months. In exceptional cases (eg, change of senior management or other significant influence on the activity of the circumstances of high school) by of accreditation the committee during the accreditation of self-assessment can be extended for another 2 months. Agency staff and experts throughout the period, on request, of higher educational institution will advice to maximize the use of the allotted for the preparation of self-assessment report.

 Self-assessment report prepared in order to ensure a clear audit of the academic institution, objective and clear description of the activities of the university and the state of implementation of all its educational programs (for institutional accreditation). Universities should understand that                     self-assessment report is the basis for organizing the visit of group of academic audit to it.

Information provided by higher educational institute on the self-assessment report should be analytical and essential for understanding the real situation in the university, not just a set of data, or leaflets. For a more complete picture of the scope of the report university can take advantage of "self-assessment guide that is included in the package of documentation provided by the agency.

If the university fails to submit report to self-Director of the Agency within the prescribed period, the accreditation procedure will be canceled without compensation incurred by the institution of higher education, expenses.

Universities must provide the Accreditation Agency 4 copies of the self-assessment report: 1 copy in English, 3 - in Russian.

4. Visiting group of academic auditors.

Group of academic auditors attend college to verify the completeness and objectivity of the information provided in the report, if necessary, collect additional information for evaluating the quality of services provided by university. Universities should provide all necessary information requested by the group of academic auditors.

The agency informs the university regarding the group of academic auditors 20 days prior to the visit. Universities, in turn, not later than 10 days before the visit of the Agency provide reasonable suggestions for disqualification of an expert on professional or ethnic background, if it occurs. If in the due date from the institution is not received such a proposal, the Agency approves the composition of the academic audit of the number of certified experts who are not subject to change.

Agency staff will make every effort to satisfy the request of higher educational institute, but the final decision on the introduction / removals of experts are the sole responsibility of the Agency.

Duration of visits from  group of academic audit to Higher educational institute is 2 - 3 days, during which experts meet and interrogate large numbers of employees representing different structures and interests of the institution, as well as students. To learn more about the organization of visits and working rules of the academic audit of university can be found in document "Guide to the Sites of the university".

The expected results of visit are as follows:


• Oral presentation of facts and preliminary recommendations of the expert group on improving the quality of the final meeting with representatives of the university;

• A written report with the main conclusions and recommendations, which is sent to higher educational institute for two weeks after the visit. In the case of factual inaccuracies in the report within the next week university sends its comments to the Chairman of Academic Audit;

• Revised final report will be sent to the university, the Agency and the Accreditation Committee.


Group of academic audit also informs the Accreditation Committee for the adoption of its members, the decision on the recommendation for accreditation, as only the Accreditation Committee has the authority to award or reject the accreditation.


In the case of the unity of opinion of experts about the high quality of educational services a group of academic auditors recommend the university to present its candidature for the award of the certificate in the Accreditation Committee.


If no agreement was reached, a group of academic audit reserves the right decision to submit his candidature to the Accreditation Committee for the university.

5. Decision of accreditation Committee.

Members of the Accreditation Committee are appointed by the Coordinating Board of the Agency from among the well-known and respected professionals of management education in the Republic of Tajikistan. By decision of the Coordinating Council of the Accreditation Committee may be included prominent representatives of management education from other Central Asian republics - members of the consortium. Agency Director, reports on university decision of the Accreditation Committee within a week after the decision.

The duties of the Accreditation Committee are a decision on accreditation or denial of accreditation of high school based on the report of the accreditation audit and the acceptability of the recommendations. Decision of the accreditation committee on accreditation of the university will be made ​​in the case if for it vote for at least 2 / 3 of its members, and it is final.


6. Payment.

Wage rates are determined on the basis of self-financing of the Agency, to ensure an adequate level of service of higher education institutions.

Initial Accreditation:

  •  The first payment - $ 2000

Within 15 days after the application is approved, by the office of the Agency for entrance of university into the accreditation process;

  •  Principal payment - $ 300

Within 15 days of sending self-assessment report to the office of the Agency;

  •  The final payment;

- subject to accreditation - $ 2000

- in case of denial of accreditation - 0 $


  •  The first payment - $ 3000

Within 30 days from the date of filing the application in the office of the Agency;

  • The final payment

- subject to accreditation - $ 2000

- in case of denial of accreditation - 0 $


Other services (at the request of the university):

  •  Strategic consulting for non-compliant schools:

- $ 200 for members CPTE

- $ 300 for others.

  •  Strategic consulting with a visit to the university during the process of self-assessment - $ 200 for each subsequent day after the first visit.

Travel expenses, accommodation, meals and other direct of costs education experts is paid by the higher institution.




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