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Критерии аккредитации
Критерии аккредитации - Recommendation List of satisfying the criteria and indicators.
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Критерии аккредитации
Recommendation List of satisfying the criteria and indicators.
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Recommendation List of satisfying the criteria and indicators.



Sources of Information

1. Leadership

Level of the participation of the leader in development of the missions and strategies of the higher educational institution


Questionnaire for employee and student


1.2.          Level of responsibility of the management for provision of quality


1.3.       Initiatives of management  for provision quality


1.2.      Level  of the participation of management in monitoring and checking quality



1.2.      Level of the participation of management in development and improvements of management quality


Confirmed documents about presence of the structured subdivision of quality management and the manual on management quality


1.2.      Level of team work in  taking the management decisions

Protocol of Scientist Council and common meeting of the group


1.2. Degree of management support initiative employee and student


Orders about remuneration of the personnel and student

1.2.      Ability of management to unite group


1.3.     Atitude of management to innovations


2. Policy and Strategy

2.1.      Level of bases of policy and strategy  of the higher educational institution



Legal acts, results of analyses of the situation

2.1.Correspondence to policy  and strategy  of the higher educational institution


Law of RT “On education”, state program of development of higher education up to 2015.

2.1.      Level of  the participation concerned parties in development of policy and strategy of the HEI.

2.2.      Degree of the correspondence to politicians and strategies of the high school to her(its) missions


Protocol of joint meting

2.1.Level  of the correspondence to policy and strategy of the HEI to its missions


Protocol of meeting on mission and strategy

2.1.Directivityof  policy  and strategy of the HEI on provision of quality

Approved the Strategy of Development of HEI

Level of informing personal and students on policy and strategy

Survey of personal and students

2.1.       Level of implementation of policy and strategy processes

Protocols of meetings on implementation of processes

2.2.       Level of correspondence of policy and strategy to consumers of education services

Survey of internal and external consumers, employees and parents

2.3.       Level of reconstructed updates and changes to the policy and strategy

Protocols of meetings of the Council of Science

3. Personal

3.1.     Level of basis of plans of development of personnel

Staff List, academic loadings

3.2.     Competency of personnel 

Personal cards, protocols of commission on selection of personal

3.3.     Periodically refreshment courses for personnel

Plans of refreshment courses and their implementation

3.4.     Quality composition of personal

Staff List

3.5.     Level of involvement of personal into implementation of the strategic plan

ToR for personal

3.6.     Taking care of health of personal

Instruction on “Stimulus for personal”  , documents on competition and sanatoriums

3.7.     Level of presence and updating of personal

Decrees on  dismissals and admissions

3.8.     Presence of feedbacks from students

Protocols of meetings, surveys of personal and students

3.9.     Presence of 4-rules, directives and procedures of management

Documents for approval (Guidelines, Statuses)

4. Partnership

4.1.      Systems with external partners

Workplan - points related to external relations

4.2. Provision of students with practical steps

Agreements with enterprises

4.3.      Level of involvement of external partners into academic affairs

Decrees on admission for half-time employment, protocols

4.4. Quantity of prepared staff based on the demand of business organizations

Agreements on preparation of staff

4.5.      Level of transparency in relations with external partners and agreements

Agreements and MoU

4.6. Presence of MoU with partners from abroad and level of its implementations :

а) exchange programs ;

б) joint researches ;

в) exchange programs ,methodological manuals ;

г) exchange of experience .

MoU, Agreements and Reports on implementations

4.7.      Level of participation of HEI in international projects

Prodocs, Reports

4.8. Recourses on implementation of mission

Reports from the financial, material and labour recourses

4.9. Соотношение бюджетных и внебюджетных средств

Financial Reports

4.10.  Activity of involvement of additional incomes

Financial Reports

4.11.  Use of Recourses

Budget Lines

4.12.   Management of Financial Policy:

а) Sources of establishing means

б) Rules for distribution of means

в) Payment and bonuses

г) Financial support of best students

д) Effective use of means

Plan of profits and losses, Instructions on Use of Finance, Payment and the Financial Support of students

4.13.     Management of material recourses

а) Correspondence of academic and additional areas

б) Planning and use of auditing funds

в)Correspondence of academic area and equipment based on the standards and normative

г) Level of obtaining international standard

д) Activities related to the development and improvement of material and technical bases

Plans of development and improvement, plans for purchasing of new equipments and reports

4.14. Management of Technology :

а) Level of development and implementation of unit system on management of technology ,testing of knowledge and self-assessment  of students

б) Level of use of electronic textbooks and multimedia technology

в) Planning of investments to the budget for new technology

г) Level of opinions of teachers, students, employees

д) Level of use of progressive experience of internal and external HEIs

Plans and Reports on implementation of new technology, decisions of Science Council,  protocols of meetings of DEPARTMENTS

4.15. Management of Information and Knowledge:

а) Level of development and implementation of the Concept and Strategy on Management of Information

b) Presence of structures for provision of the quality of information

c) System of Monitoring and Information Recourses

d)Correspondence of  volume and structure of library funds

e) Presence and use of Наличие и использование электронной библиотеки

f) Presence and functioning and use of internal information network

j) Presence of the functioning of automatic system of the academic process

Concept, Strategy of development of HEI, automatic program of academic process, Report of structures

Report of the Head of Library


5. Processes

5.1.   System of development of the Management of Academic process

Instructions on Organisation of study processes, System of Management, Program of seminars, Report on self-assessment, Plan of actions on development of study processes, Plans of Admission, WorkPlan from structures of Academic Department, Plans and Reports of Methodological Councils, Departments of Science and Innovations .


5.2.   Introduction of process approach

5.3.   Management of Documentations

5.4.   Organizational structure of system of Management of Quality

5.5.   Responsibility of leaders and personal

5.6.   Enough means for establishing effective functioning

5.7.   Regular seminars and trainings

5.8.       Planning of working process and its implementations

5.9.       Internal audit and self-assessment of structures

5.10.   Control and assessment of Quality

5.11.   Publication of textbooks, manuals, methodologies, monographers and articles

5.12.   Marketing Research on demands of Market, Labour on programs

5.13.   Level of arrangement of academic process and interested parties

5.14.   Level of correspondence of academic plans to programs

5.15.   Presence of arrangements of programs  with business organizations

5.16.   The content of workplans and academic plans (syllabuses)

5.17.   Advertisements on admission

5.18.   Selection of applicants and admission

5.19.   Organization of researches by teachers and students

5.20.   Organization and assessment of independent hours of students

5.21.   Organization of admissions and final exams

5.22.   Consultations and helps in selections of theory of study, programs and teachers – advisors

5.23.   Correspondence of educational services and expectations

5.24.   Level of implementations of plan of lectures in the departments

5.25.   Presence of plans and implementation of plans in research

5.26.   Provision of the convenient academic environment and library services

5.27.   Training and outclass work with students

5.28.   Level of orientations of processes of consumers for services

6. Transparency

6.1.   Transparency of admission commission and admission process

Survey form, Protocols of Councils, results of monitoring, and evaluations from the Ministry of Education and Anti-Corruption Services


6.2.  Objectivity and transparency admission process, mid-term and final exams ;

6.3.   Level of use of automatic computer tests for assessment of level of knowledge of students

6.4.  Transparency of distribution and use of sources

6.5.   Actions directed to prevention of corruption

7. Results for consumers

7.1.  Presence of special structure for collecting info and analyses of information on satisfaction of students, alumini, enterprises – employees.

Staff List , Decision of Science Council , Instruction on Structure responsible for collecting info, feedback of employees and parents

7.2.   Mechanism of collecting info , updating info and satisfaction consumers (students, employees, state)

7.3.  System of collecting info on satisfaction of consumers

7.4.   Level of satisfaction of alumini and students

7.5.  Level of satisfaction of enterprises – employee

7.6.   Level of satisfaction of state in the name of the Ministry of Education, state control service

8. Results for personal


8.1. Presence of structure responsible for supporting relations with personal


Staff List , Instruction on Structure, responsible for collecting and analyzing information, Complain Letters from personal

8.2.  Level of development of Methodology

8.3.  Level of regular collecting info on dynamic of satification of personal

8.4.  Level of satiscification of personal on different aspects of activities

8.5.  Level of saticification of personal on conditions of labour

8.6.  Level of agreement on level of payment

8.7.  Indirect indicators OF AGREEMENT ON:


б) relations to program

в) accommodations

г) principles of leadership

9.Results for society

9.1.  Participation of HEI in social and public events

Plan of actions and Reports on participation of HEI in social and public events ,Program of Conferences with participation of Society, Copy of al publications, Status of PR team, Feedback of employees and parents, Alumini employment, rate of HEI

9.2.  Organization and carrying out Conferences, Symposiums with involvement of society

9.3.  Publications in media

9.4.  Presence and functioning of PR team

9.5. Level of participation of establishing staff potential

9.6. Level of acceptance of HEI by society

9.7. Regular collection and updating info from all interested parties

9.8.Presence of certificates for society  (official rate of HEI)

10. Key results of activities

10.1. Correspondence of directions and indicators of activities of HEI based on demands of top instant ions

State Education Standards , Education Program of HEI, Strategic Plan,  ANNUAL Reports, Decisions of Council of Science, Science-Methodological Council,  Staff List, Status of Automatic System Reports on Innovations and Technology, Financial Plans and Reports

10.2.  Step by step collecting and analyses of information and its periodical directions of activities

10.3.  Level of correspondence of main processes and results of implementation of Strategic plan

10.4.  Presence of functioning of automatic system of collecting information and analyses on the base of activities

10.5.  Achieved results and competition with other HEIs in country and abroad

10.6.  Trends of changes and developmentof activities :

а) changes in infrastructure in according to aims and goals

б) dynamic of development of material-technical base and information-communication technology

в) academic-training work

г)scientific-innovation activities

д) International relations


10.8.  Non-financial Results :

а) increasing rating of University повышения рейтинга вуза

б) introduction to the World Education Environment

в) development of study programs 

г) cooperation with market of labor



Note: all of above mentioned criteria and indicators of the quality are assessed by experts according to five-point- system, that comply with five levels  of excellence of EFQM model.



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